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Switzerland News: the PostFinance competition offers three bitcoins as prizes

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Switzerland News: the PostFinance competition offers three bitcoins as prizes

Switzerland offers a crypto news through PostFinance, which offers its users who invest at least $100 in one of the 11 cryptocurrencies offered, the chance to win one of the three bitcoins up for grabs. The contest is valid until April 30, 2024.


Switzerland News and the new PostFinance competition that allows you to win a bitcoin

PostFinance, the financial services unit of the Swiss Post, is launching a new contest involving cryptocurrencies and offering 3 bitcoins as prizes.

Basically, the competition requires that the customer invest at least $100 in one of the 11 cryptocurrencies offered, through their PostFinance account.

By April 30, 2024, automatically, all customers who meet the requirement are potential winners of one of the three bitcoins up for grabs. To award the prize, PostFinance will conduct a draw to determine the three lucky winners.

In its invitation, PostFinance reminds customers that they can choose whether to invest in the 11 cryptocurrencies through a single order or through a cryptocurrency savings plan.

For those who want to participate in the new competition of the Swiss Post, simply access on the PostFinance App or in your own e-finance.

Switzerland News: PostFinance and its competition to win bitcoin through its app

PostFinance seems to want to follow the bullish trend that Bitcoin (BTC) is riding, with the price surpassing its all-time highs, reaching above $73,000.

At the time of writing, BTC is worth $73,490 and is up +10% in the last seven days. The market cap of bitcoin has also reached a total of $1.440 trillion.

Actually, PostFinance has been involved in the crypto world for some time. For example, it was May 2021 when PostFinance launched an app that allows investing in 13 selected cryptocurrencies, different from its current PostFinance App.

The app is called Yuh and is a new digital finance app by Swissquote and PostFinance, dedicated to mobile banking.

From that moment on, through the Yuh app, users could make payments, make small or large investments in over 100 popular stocks such as Apple, Nike, or Tesla, but also ETFs or, indeed, in the 13 cryptocurrencies.

Promoting the development of stablecoin: the digital franc

Last summer, PostFinance made headlines for its partnership with Swiss Stablecoin (SSC) to promote the development of the Swiss stablecoin: the digital franc.

The partnership’s first goal is to create a proof-of-concept (or PoC) together, and therefore a digital image that we want to give to the new stablecoin supported 1:1 with the Swiss franc.

Participating in the creation of the PoC, the Cardossier association also entered the field, of which PostFinance is a founding member. Cardossier was also the first use case of the stablecoin.

Anyway, the goal is also to be able to issue and redeem the digital franc through the network of a Swiss bank.