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Telegram’s ‘Notcoin’ Giving Out $400K in TON, Plus Millions of In-Game Coins

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Telegram’s ‘Notcoin’ Giving Out $400K in TON, Plus Millions of In-Game Coins

Ahead of its impending token airdrop on The Open Network, viral Telegram clicker game Notcoin just revealed that it’s giving away a total of 100,000 Toncoin (TON) to players via a new quest—and millions of in-game coins for certain “O.G.” users.

It all stems from a new in-game quest called “TON for Fun.” Players who complete all the tasks in the quest will get a 3 million Notcoin bonus and 1 TON. A total of 100,000 TON are being given out to players who participate in the quest, collectively worth just over $400,000 as of this writing, and the quest will only be available until 100,000 people have completed it.

To earn rewards, you’ll need to reach Diamond League in the coin-tapping game, invite at least five friends to the game, and connect a TON wallet. This will earn you 1 TON and conclude the first half of the quest.

The requirements are a fair bit higher for the second part of the quest. You’ll need a paid Telegram Premium account and to hold 25 TON in your connected wallet to unlock the bonus 3 million Notcoin in the game.

Notcoin also recently announced an NFT-based voucher system for trading Notcoin ahead of its airdrop. Players with 10 million Notcoin or more can convert their coins into vouchers that can be traded with other players and eventually redeemed for actual Notcoin after the token drop.

More than 28 million Telegram users have played Notcoin to date, with over 4 million daily users according to data from the game. They’ve collectively mined over 42 trillion Notcoin by rapidly tapping a gleaming coin in the game, and the balances of active users will be converted into an on-chain crypto token.

Notcoin representatives previously told Decrypt’s GG that the token is estimated to go on-chain and be airdropped to players in late March or early April. Decrypt’s GG just reviewed Notcoin—click to read why this simple crypto game has us “in its clutches.”