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Tokenized Real Estate Platform Blocksquare’s BST Token Listed on Exchange

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Tokenized Real Estate Platform Blocksquare’s BST Token Listed on Exchange

Blocksquare, a leader in the tokenization of real estate, has announced that starting on March 3, its native Blocksquare Token (BST) will be available for trading on the popular crypto exchange

With the announcement, investors will be able to take advantage of regional commercial real estate possibilities, marking a significant turning point in Blocksquare’s mission to change the real estate investment market.

Blocksquare Co-founder and CEO Denis Petrovcic stated:

“We are delighted to broaden access to our BST token through this partnership with a great tier-1 exchange in Investors are increasingly keen to leverage blockchain technology to make investments in old-fashioned bricks and mortar and we aim to help them do just that, with minimal friction.”

At the center of its ecosystem is the Blocksquare Token, which supports the blockchain-based protocol as a utility token. BST holders may stake their tokens to get Staked BST (sBST) via Oceanpoint, Blocksquare’s specialized decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. This mechanism rewards users and gives them voting rights in the Oceanpoint DAO.

Oceanpoint makes it easier to participate in the usually illiquid real estate market by enabling the purchase and staking of real estate tokens. In order to establish their investment platforms, connect investors to tokenized real estate transactions online, and digitize the value of real estate, businesses of all sizes may also take use of Blocksquare’s solutions and APIs.

Built on IPFS and Ethereum, the platform enables any single real estate property to be fully or partly fractionalized into 100,000 tokens that may be appliable to any common form of legal ownership.

With over $80 million worth of real properties successfully onboarded thus far across 19 countries, Blocksquare’s operating system has the ability to completely change real estate investing globally. By completing the first notarized tokenization of a real estate property in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana last year, the business accomplished a significant coup.

A sign of Blocksquare’s rising impact on the industry is the integration with, a significant participant in the centralized exchange (CEX) market. Over the course of the previous year, handled $1.72 trillion in trading volume, with spot trading volume alone exceeding $590 billion. The platform has seen significant growth in its user base, which now stands at approximately 15 million accounts.

Blocksquare aims to power hundreds of property tokenization platforms globally and is committed to improving the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of real estate investing.