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UAE Uses Cardano Blockchain To Secure Criminal Investigation

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UAE Uses Cardano Blockchain To Secure Criminal Investigation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses Cardano to provide security for criminal investigations. In a recent post by Chris O, founder of the Cardano GhostFund DAO, the UAE’s decision to adopt Cardano represents blockchain’s “massive real-world adoption.” At the World Police Summit in Dubai, the Dubai Police unveiled a Cardano-based pilot project providing data management capabilities.

The project analyzed the secure exchange of sensitive data related to criminal investigations with authorities such as Interpol. The presentation of the integrated Cardano project highlighted the high level of security associated with the exchange of scans of bullets in concrete obtained using a modern scanner. Thanks to blockchain, critical forensic information has been securely distributed to international stakeholders around the world.

The adoption of Cardano in the UAE illustrates the advanced use cases of blockchain technology, which enables transparent data management on a decentralized network. Last year, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) announced its interest in hiring two investigators to investigate cryptocurrency crimes, in collaboration with the Complex Financial Crime Team (CFTC).

Image: Binance Academy