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Upland Reveals ‘Share and Build’ Airdrop Drive Ahead of Ethereum Token Launch

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Upland Reveals ‘Share and Build’ Airdrop Drive Ahead of Ethereum Token Launch

Upland, a crypto game built around real-world locations, announced Friday that it has launched the first wave of its “Share and Build” airdrop series. It’s aimed at rewarding community members and newcomers alike for engaging with the Upland platform before its Ethereum token goes live.

The first chapter will let users earn Sparklet tokens—Upland’s existing in-game utility token used to construct buildings and create content—through social media activities and in-app missions over a three-week period.

Users can connect their Twitter (aka X) accounts and earn points by engaging with Upland and Sparklet content on the social media platform. Those points will then be converted to Sparklet tokens within the Upland game. The Twitter-centric airdrop farming campaign recalls similar pushes around the Portal and BlockGames tokens.

Last November, the EOS-based Upland announced that it planned to launch an Ethereum token that’s tied to its in-game Sparklet token. That whitepaper describing Upland’s plans was put to a community vote, with 87% of users voting in approval of the proposal.

The token tradability event (TTE) will follow the airdrop campaign, letting users convert their in-game Sparklet currency into a tradeable Ethereum token.

“We’re excited to launch the ‘Share and Build’ airdrop series as we are getting ready for the Sparklet event. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem and rewarding passionate players,” said Dirk Lueth, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland, in a release.

This first wave of the airdrop campaign offers 10 different reward levels, with users’ engagement levels and social stats on Twitter determining their point multipliers. Users of select, as-yet-unrevealed Upland partners will also receive “point boosts” to help them earn more.

Additionally, by completing each forthcoming airdrop chapter, participants will be rewarded a distinct Block Explorer NFT that serves as a game piece within Upland. Collecting five such rewards unlocks an exclusive NFT for use within the Upland game.

Upland began life in 2019 as a property-trading game, with digital versions of real life properties tokenized and sold within the game. It has since expanded into a more robust metaverse experience with vehicles, events, and other gameplay opportunities. Upland raised $7 million in a Series A extension round last November.

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