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US Senators Introduce Bipartisan AI Bills to Address Transparency and Competitiveness

US Senators Introduce Bipartisan AI Bills to Address Transparency and Competitiveness

US senators propose bills for transparent AI usage. Bill mandates human control for critical decisions. Senators introduce AI bill to ensure competitive edge.

US senators have proposed bills to maintain the transparency of artificial intelligence (AI) usage and to ensure that the nation remains competitive in emerging technology.

While AI has immeasurable potential to serve humanity, it can also potentially cause destruction under the hand of bad actors. Hence, governments globally are exploring ways to regulate AI technology.

AI Bill to Maintain Transparency 

According to Reuters, US senators are introducing two bipartisan AI bills. The first bill focuses on the transparency of artificial intelligence usage.

Senator Gary Peters from the Democratic Party proposed this bill along with Senators Mike Braun and James Lankford from the Republican Party. If the US government uses AI to interact with the public, the bill proposed making it mandatory for the government to give proper disclosures.

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The AI bill also makes it mandatory to put humans in the driver’s seat while making critical decisions.

Bill to Ensure Competitive Edge in The Emerging Technologies

Similarly, Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Warner from the Democratic Party and Senator Todd Young from the Republican Party introduced another AI bill to ensure competitiveness in the technology. Their plan involves the establishment of an office tasked with monitoring the US’s competitiveness in emerging technology sectors.

AI has come into the limelight this year after the launch of chatbots such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Bard. Hence, nations are becoming highly proactive in regulating technology.

BeInCrypto reported on Tuesday that the UK Labour Party’s spokesperson wants to regulate AI like medicine or nuclear power.

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