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USDC to XRPL? XRP Expert Says Ripple Should Step In

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USDC to XRPL? XRP Expert Says Ripple Should Step In

In a recent development within the cryptocurrency sphere, Panos Mekras, a renowned blockchain advisor specializing in the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has sparked discussions regarding the integration of USDC onto the XRPL. Mekras, known for his insights into blockchain technologies, took to social media to shed light on the absence of USDC on this ledger.

Addressing the issue, Mekras emphasized the significance of USDC and EURC (Euro Coin) integration for the progress of projects like Anodos on the XRPL platform. He disclosed his proactive approach by reaching out directly to Circle, the company behind USDC, to inquire about the delay in issuing a stablecoin on XRP Ledger.

There was a discussion recently about why @circle hasn’t issued USDC on XRPL yet. So I decided to email Circle and ask them directly, mentioning also how important it is for our project Anodos to have USDC and EURC on XRPL. This is their answer. @Ripple it’s time to step in.

— Panos 🔼{X} (@panosmek) March 15, 2024

Mekras’s observations underscore a broader concern within the XRP community regarding Ripple’s role in facilitating integrations and developments on the XRPL. While acknowledging Ripple as a pivotal entity in the XRPL ecosystem, Mekras hinted at the need for diversification and independence from Ripple’s influence to foster growth and innovation.

Independence for XRP?

Moreover, Mekras hinted at a potential bottleneck in XRPL’s development, attributing it to the prevalent perception of Ripple as the sole driving force behind the platform. He highlighted the need for greater awareness within the XRP community and beyond, regarding the broader ecosystem and functionalities of XRPL.

Mekras’s insights shed light on the intricacies surrounding XRPL’s evolution and the imperative for collaborative efforts to broaden its utility. As discussions continue to unfold, stakeholders await Ripple’s response and potential interventions to expedite the integration of USDC into XRPL, signaling a pivotal moment for the XRP ecosystem.