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Victoria VR’s VR Token Soars 71% Following CQB Arena Announcement

Victoria VR’s VR Token Soars 71% Following CQB Arena Announcement

In an astounding development, the metaverse platform Victoria VR announced the launch of CQB Arena, a virtual reality-based multi-level gun battle simulation and training arena. Following the launch, Victoria VR’s VR token soared by more than 60%, reaching above $0.05.

On February 9, Victoria VR shared an X post, declaring the availability of CQB Arena on Victoria VR. While the platform anticipates hosting a competition shortly, Victoria VR urged its community to start training “to gain the upper hand.”

The time has come! 🚀

🔥We are excited to announce that the CQB Arena is now available here:

➡️ App Lab:
➡️ SideQuest:

We will be hosting a competition very soon, so we advise that you begin your training to gain the upper hand!…

— Victoria VR (@VictoriaVRcom) February 9, 2024

As per the announcement, CQB Arena is currently available on App Lab and SideQuest, offering participants an impressive close-quarters battle experience. The gaming platform allows the players to go through a virtual battlefield, clearing buildings, confronting threats, and rescuing hostages. The players will be provided with customizable battle experiences with multiple levels, testing their skills.

Another notable development in the ecosystem is its recent hint at the potential launch of its metaverse application on Apple’s headset Vision Pro, marking Apple’s entry into virtual reality space. Reportedly, the Virtual VR application will be available in the second quarter of 2024.

ARE YOU READY? 🚀🚀🚀#VictoriaVR #VR $VR #VisionPro #VisionOS #Apple #AppleVisionPro #AppleVR #VirtualReality #Metaverse

— Victoria VR (@VictoriaVRcom) February 2, 2024

According to a whitepaper released by Victoria VR, the platform boasts “ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay” that enables the technologies sufficient for Apple Vision Pro. The statement read, “It forms an elaborate digital environment that shows off the many capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro while simultaneously showcasing the power of Web3 technology.”

The notable developments in the ecosystem have substantially impacted the VR token, which is currently trading at $0.0606. The current price exhibits an impressive surge of 71.34% in a day and 68.03% in a week.

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