The Web3 gaming world saw consistent growth and exciting developments in the first quarter of 2023, according to a DappRadar report. Traditional Web2 gaming companies started to notice blockchain technology’s potential, resulting in a total of $739 million invested in blockchain games and metaverse projects during the first quarter of 2023.

From the open-world role-playing games to battle royale-themed shooters, gaming quickly turned to a major point of interaction between users and Web3, with almost half of blockchain activity coming from gaming. While play-to-earn provides a fresh take on players’ experience of a game, there’s an even bigger potential for Web3 gaming with microtransactions. Web2 gaming offers skins or other in-game items via microtransactions, but the inefficiency and lack of transparency of traditional payment methods are often met with criticism from players.

Founded in 2018, QORPO Game Studio seeks to pair up blockchain technology and esports — a major Web2 gaming trend with skyrocketing popularity — to act as the gateway between traditional gamers and Web3 opportunities. The Web3 game developer joined the Pandoraland Accelerator Program to ramp up the development of end-to-end blockchain gaming solutions.

Web3 gaming gets competitive: QORPO Game Studio joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Citizen Conflict is a PvP shooter in which heroes with different skills and gameplay compete against each other. Source: Citizen Conflict

Given a team of seasoned game developers who previously worked on major titles, including Arma 3, Overwatch and Mafia II, the studio’s main project Citizen Conflict, a free-to-play shooter, aims to bring triple-A gaming to Web3. Citizen Conflict is a team-based cyberpunk shooter created in Unreal Engine 5 where three hostile organizations wage an endless battle for dominance.

Players will heavily rely on vehicles to get around the world of the Ether Islands with gameplay that is characterized by its humorous yet gritty gameplay that evokes a war-like environment and trading features brought about by blockchain technology. Following its alpha test in Q2 2023, QORPO Game Studio is planning a public beta phase of its competitive mode in the third quarter.

QORPO Game Studio is also working on an open-world action RPG, AniMate, which aims to deliver extraction and battle royale gameplay. Inspired by companion-based adventures such as Pokemon, AniMate takes players to a world divided into islands and centered around five essential elements.

Web3 gaming gets competitive: QORPO Game Studio joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

AniMate blends Pokemon-esque graphics and narrative with Fortnite’s battle royale game mechanics. Source: QORPO Game Studio

Users will be able to customize their characters and join an open world to engage in dangerous challenges as they battle other players and loot NPC-guarded camps. Each monster has unique powers and is subject to different weaknesses at various stages of evolution. Following the release of the game, QORPO Game Studio also plans to launch AniMate comics and a physical trading card collection.

The Pandoraland Accelerator program helps fresh Web3 startups and projects prosper by leveraging Pandoraland’s network and leadership as the leading crypto and blockchain media outlet since 2013. As part of the program, QORPO Game Studio will continue developing its two titles, focusing on bringing the skill-based competitive niche to Web3 gaming.