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What Are the Airdrops Showing the Most Potential for June?

What Are the Airdrops Showing the Most Potential for June?

Airdrops are used to create awareness about crypto projects and generate hype. While airdrops can be an attractive source of income, they also carry risk. What are the airdrops showing the most potential this month?

While airdrops can be an attractive source of income, they also pose certain risks. So what can we expect from airdrops in June?

Some projects often try to gain traction and spread awareness through airdrops. In layman’s terms, airdrops are rewards to the users of crypto protocols that qualify certain criteria.

Here we run through the upcoming June airdrops.

Vela Airdrop on June 26

The decentralized exchange (DEX) Vela confirmed an airdrop on June 26 during the exchange’s launch on the mainnet. The DEX announced a “mysterious, gamified claim experience” for the airdrop.

According to the announcement, there will be two paths for airdrop:  

  1. Launch airdrop for the official launch participants, and
  2. Beta airdrop for the exchange’s active users during the beta phase.
Vela Airdrops announcement on Twitter

Earlier in February, Vela hinted that the trading volume during the beta phase would play a huge role during the airdrop distribution. Vela closed its beta in April.

Zora Layer 2 Sparked The Possibilities of an Airdrop

Zora non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace announced its Ethereum Layer 2 launch on May 26. Hence, speculation has increased among the community members for a potential airdrop.

According to BeInCrypto, Zora has over three million NFTs and offers free minting and listing. The company’s Crunchbase profile says it has raised $60 million in funding from over 10 investors, such as Coinbase Ventures and Haun Ventures.

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Airdrop hunters on Twitter believe that using the Zora testnet and minting NFTs on the platform might increase the chance of reward allocations.

However, there has been no official announcement of the airdrop from the project.

BLUR Season 2?

In February, the NFT marketplace Blur concluded the first season of its airdrop. The airdrop gave the project enough traction to dethrone its competitor OpenSea with over 53% market shares.

On February 22, the project announced a second round of the airdrop. According to the current market price, the project will distribute rewards worth around $132 million through 300 million BLUR tokens in the second season.

The airdrop for the second season was initially scheduled for April, but the project delayed it. Now the community is demanding updates on the season two airdrop.

“Machi Big Brother” criticized the project and wrote on Twitter, “The Trust between Blur and the community is at an all-time low.”

According to the marketplace, maintaining 100% loyalty points through minting, listing, and bidding exclusively on Blur might maximize the rewards.

Will Blur announce the conclusion of Season 2 in June?

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that bad actors utilize the airdrop hype to conduct various phishing scams. Users should do proper due diligence before participating in airdrop activities.

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