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World of Bezogia Mints First NFT on Enjin Blockchain, Invites Players to World-Building Tournament

World of Bezogia Mints First NFT on Enjin Blockchain, Invites Players to World-Building Tournament

In an electrifying blend of innovation and creativity, World of Bezogia, the latest sensation from Zogi Labs, has made its mark within the Enjin ecosystem by minting its inaugural NFT collection this January, less than two months after its integration in December 2023. This pioneering move introduces “The Thunderbolt” NFTs, now available on, offering Bezogia’s inhabitants—known for their charm and lovability—the chance to arm themselves with these potent weapons. The Thunderbolt equips players to potentially dominate their adversaries, heralding a new era in the game’s competitive landscape.

World of Bezogia Mints First NFT on Enjin Blockchain, Invites Players to World-Building Tournament

In celebration of this milestone, World of Bezogia is hosting a groundbreaking User-Generated Content (UGC) tournament, dubbed “The Builders Tournament,” poised to redefine the future of gaming. This tournament offers a platform for creativity, where players can utilize the game’s intuitive creator toolkit to craft maps and challenges without the need for coding expertise, echoing the accessible and immersive experiences found in popular titles like Roblox and Fortnite.

A New Arsenal for the Enjin Community

The Thunderbolt’s introduction to the Enjin Blockchain is not just an expansion of World of Bezogia’s in-game universe but also a tribute to the game’s innovative spirit. This NFT collection, limited to 1,000 pieces, features four levels of rarity—Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary—each with distinct color schemes, base damage, and base stagger capabilities, enhancing gameplay strategy and personalization.

The Common and Rare Thunderbolts are widely accessible through community events, Discord contests, and game nights, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community engagement. Meanwhile, the Epic and Legendary items, the crown jewels of this collection, are reserved for the victors of “The Builders Tournament,” underscoring the competitive and collaborative essence of the game.

Unleashing Creativity on a Global Stage

Set to commence on February 15, 2024, “The Builders Tournament” invites Enjin community members to leverage Bezogia’s powerful creation tools to design unique maps and challenges. This tournament not only showcases the participants’ ingenuity but also encourages community interaction through feedback and narrative enhancement, with the most popular creations winning exclusive Thunderbolt NFTs.

This initiative exemplifies World of Bezogia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of UGC, offering a canvas for players to express their creativity without limits. The tournament stages—ranging from world building to community engagement and winner selection—illustrate a comprehensive approach to player involvement and recognition.

A Canvas for Limitless Creativity

World of Bezogia stands as a testament to the potential of UGC in gaming, offering an unparalleled opportunity for Enjin community members to dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. By hosting “The Builders Tournament,” Zogi Labs not only celebrates the launch of its first NFT collection on the Enjin Blockchain but also signals a bold step towards a future where gaming and creativity merge to offer endless possibilities.

As the World of Bezogia continues to evolve, it invites players from all corners of the globe to join in this journey of innovation, creativity, and community. With “The Thunderbolt” NFTs and “The Builders Tournament,” the game sets the stage for a revolution in the gaming world, one where players are not just participants but creators of their own destinies.