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XRP Army Recognises Gary Gensler’s Last Shot at Revenge

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XRP Army Recognises Gary Gensler’s Last Shot at Revenge

  • XRP community divided over SEC’s $2 billion settlement demand.
  • Debate: Revenge-driven or strategic move by SEC’s Gary Gensler.
  • Ripple’s inability to pay shifts the burden to the broader crypto market.

In the ongoing saga between Ripple and the SEC, the XRP community finds itself divided over Gary Gensler’s latest move, interpreting it as either a vengeful act or a strategic maneuver.

Firstly, some XRP enthusiasts view Gensler’s demand for a $2 billion settlement as a vendetta against Ripple for its legal victories. Despite the SEC’s losses on major arguments, it aims to impose hefty penalties, sparking accusations of revenge rather than investor protection.

The @SECGov lost on its central arguments in the @Ripple case, winning only on failure to register investment contracts with a small group of institutional investors. It’s going to demand 300+% in remedies.

This isn’t about protecting investors. It’s about revenge for losing.

— CryptoLaw (@CryptoLawUS) March 25, 2024

On the flip side, others regard Gensler’s actions as calculated and strategic. They credit him as possibly the savviest SEC official, noting his keen understanding of the crypto landscape. Gensler’s proposed settlement, demanding $2 billion from Ripple, could potentially designate XRP as the first regulated altcoin, a significant development for the entire industry.

Gary Gensler (SEC) is possibly the smartest SEC official in history.

He understands his position and plays his cards perfectly 💯

Today was one of the most important days for the entire Crypto industry.

This is the wealth transfer phase of the cycle therefore everyone must…

— The Three Antons (@The3Antons) March 26, 2024

Analysts dissect the implications, emphasizing Ripple’s inability to pay the settlement in cash but holding substantial XRP reserves. This scenario implies that the burden of payment would shift to the broader crypto market, affecting market makers and hedge funds.

Furthermore, Gensler’s timing aligns with the current crypto boom, positioning the SEC for a substantial windfall amid global economic challenges. With millions worldwide reaping crypto gains and governments facing financial strains, the SEC’s demand arrives amidst a pivotal moment, poised to capitalize on the industry’s exponential growth.

As the community braces for potential volatility and a wealth transfer, the XRP Army anticipates a reevaluation of XRP’s true value post-settlement, marking a significant milestone after years of legal and market turbulence.