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zkLink unveils $20M grant program for Layer 3 builders

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zkLink unveils $20M grant program for Layer 3 builders

zkLink, a Zero-knowledge Layer 3 framework provider, has introduced a 20,000,000 $ZKL grant project for backing builders creating on zkLink. This grant project encourages inventiveness and improvement in the zkLing ecosystem by offering financial backing targeting builders engaged with projects that utilize zkLink’s technology.

Grants will be released depending on the effect of the projects, their technical viability, and being in sync with zkLink’s aim for furthering privacy and upgradability in blockchain technology.

According to the founder and CEO of zkLink, Vince Yang, their priority is to strengthen builders to unveil their expertise in creative aspects and boost inventiveness in the zkLink ecosystem.

While developing on zkLink, builders can enjoy various advantages like collected liquidity throughout Ethereum and Layer 2 blockchains sans the requirement of bridging assets between chains. They gain from a sole point of positioning and an all-inclusive SDK for creating and positioning multi-chain dApps utilizing APIs.

The application procedure is slated for the 11th of March, 2024, and will last till the 11th of June, 2024.

Added to that, zkLInk has come out with another declaration regarding their intention of organizing a multi-season community yield scheme called Aggregation Parade, in tandem with the mainnet release of zkLingk Nova.

Another 10,000,000 $ZKL tokens have been kept aside for minters related to its imminent Nova Lynks NFT collection at the time of the initial season of Aggregation Parade on the 13th of March, 2024.

In January, the company committed 200,000,000 $ZKL tokens targeting community enhancement and rewards while declaring its CoinList token sale. People bridging within the Nova L3 network will come in for Nova Points to be changed to ZKL tokens.

zkLing intends to continue providing Nova Points for the increasing volume of users. The scheme will involve zkSync, Linea, and others. The introduction of Nova mainnet is slated for the 11th of March, 2024.

zkLink allows builders to create and link dApps with all Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystems with high-level safety aspects and addresses liquidity fragmentation with ZK Proofs. The funding for the company is done by players like Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, and more.

zkLink Nova is the Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup zkEVM network with substantial liquidity and asset collection to Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups. It was created with ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus and utilizes ZK Proofs to improve upgradability and safety.

Builders connect with an open platform to position Solidity smart contracts and immediately link with incorporated networks such as Arbitrum and zkSync.

Nova helps ease DeFi via a united ecosystem for users and dApps, bringing about smooth blockchain exposure.